Women and wines

In Burgundy, Beaujolais, Bordeaux… women are uniting and defending their values.

In the old days, women were restricted to a role of second importance. Here they are now! Playing the main roles, using their assets to make business and defend their values.

They have been here since the beginning, and they have often been overshadowed by man. One tells that they were restricted to the most unrewarding tasks, that they were only entitled to be the "wife of"… The 21st century woman is emancipated. She holds the reins on her own, with her husband or in family. At Vinexpo or at other professional fairs, on the web… they are everywhere from now on. Journalists started to depict the coming of feminine wines, usually, in a disrespectful way. Nevertheless women refute this idea and prefer speaking of their feminine contribution to a rather masculine sector, not to mention male chauvinist. If woman is the future of mankind, she must necessarily be the future of viticulture. Since the end of the 90’s, woman is taking her future in hand and forming groups.