Frost of Chablis

"In the vineyards of Chablis, temperatures of -6 ° C have been recorded on the night of Monday 16 to Tuesday April 17. It was already -1 ° C to 23 hours!

The night promised to be eventful.

In the Grands Crus and Premiers Crus, we initiated protection systems against freezing candles or spray depending on the plot:
The principle of candles: once lit they can warm the atmosphere, to rise to the positive temperature of the vine, thus avoiding the buds (still very sensitive at this time) to freeze. The candles will be extinguished as soon as temperatures again become positive (although only after sunrise).

The principle of spray: is to spray the entire vine (which requires having a large water supply: the river Le Serein or the lake Beine). The buds will find himself trapped in a cocoon of ice. This exothermic reaction produces heat and thus protects the buds from frost; spraying will be stopped only when all the ice has melted.

 Safeguards were effective. And unprotected plots were damaged of 15 to 20%. "

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Nathalie FEVRE