Fanny-Lorcerie-miniIn september 2009, Fanny Lorcerie, Dijon University of Burgundy graduate, came to present her final essay called  "Practice of tasting through the learning of terroirs".

This burgundy-born angiologist indeed focused on the health effects of wine, and, in the downloadable document hereinafter, she writes about the history of wine, wine (chemical) compounds and subsequently its virtues and consequences on man’s health but more particularly on woman’s health. One chapter, entitled "Wine, women and society", is about woman condition in viticulture. As a conclusion Dr Lorcerie writes : "Nowadays, woman is a major asset of this industry who can no longer be ignored. Avoiding the trap of a sectarian feminism, harmful to this exchange and conviviality-based universe, the gender-mix, in a field that requires the use of senses, is enriching of course".


Download the essay on PDF format (French-4.78 Mb)