Femmes et Vins de Bourgogne is a dynamic association which is about to celebrate its tenth anniversary. About thirty Burgundy women are all seriously and actively involved in the management of their estate and meet each other regularly with their president Virginie Taupenot-Daniel in a convivial atmosphere.

" The purpose of this association, which now boasts about thirty members, is to organize ourselves. We are women working in the world of wine. But like every woman we also have family obligations. We have to manage juggling between work, children and home.

Within Femmes et Vin de Bourgogne, we meet each other 4 to 5 times a year. We usually deal with professional issues rather than woman issues. We benefit from some of our members' advices. For instance Nadine Gublin, winemaker, advises us. We also mutualize costs for export operations. We also welcome other women groupings."

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