FevB members on vacation

No, they are not so narrow-minded as you may think ! Of course, they love their own region but also like to escape and discover other places.

One may go south to the Nîmes area and its “costières”, another abroad to Italy near Prosseco and Franciacorta; however, natural instincts cannot change and an FevB member needs to be close to what she knows best………the vine!

She likes to share her emotions and take along family and friends who are, of course, only too pleased – even if they do not really have the choice – and meander through the vineyards in the blazing sun and go tasting in a cellar at 15°C.

She also has a good sense of communication and likes to discuss her experiences with other winegrowers along the road: the latest corking techniques for example, or the artistic graphics of a label supplier and even talk about the weather and complain – but this is something she rarely does………

The height of the moment is when everyone is allowed to disembark at a quaint country inn – Auberge des Vignes, for example - or a local restaurant, the Golden Grapes, all this after having listened over and over again in the car, to a well-known song on the subject…

But luckily it is not always like this!
A woman winegrower must be able to take a few days of well-earned rest among her dear ones so as to be ready in every respect for the forthcoming grape harvest.

The French comedian, Raymond Devos, summarized the ideal for holiday travel with words to the effect: “the best way to avoid traffic congestion is to know the winelist of the country”.

We wish you a good holiday.

Agnès and Agnès and all FevB members.


News and events
  • We had the pleasure of visiting the factory SEB in Selongey  Friday, July 4.

    The day continued to atlier culinaire where we could enjoy some preparations.

     seb cocotte


Our actions
Déclaration des droits de la vigne, du vin et des vigneron(ne)s


Le Cercle «Femmes de vin» dont la présidente est Anne PARENT,  a présenté à Paris le 6 décembre,  dans le cadre du Grand Tasting,  la «Déclaration des droits de la vigne, du vin et du vigneron(ne)» 

Cette déclaration est à diffuser sur tout support sans modération !!