Saved by September !

The vine growth cycle accelerated greatly following a mild and damp Winter together with a warm and dry Spring to such an extent, that by end March 2014, it was almost a record for the last 20 years.
However , for those in the heart of the Côte de Beaune area, the Burgundy winegrowers' optimism in their high expectations for the 2014 vintage was shattered by the severe hailstorm on Saturday 28 June and in fact, from this date onwards, the weather conditions in July and August were particularly unsettled, wet and cool mostly in August.

And then..................a miracle!!! On the first day of September the long awaited Summer finally came and the dry, hot and sunny conditions enabled the grapes to reach the required degree of maturity.
The date for harvesting the Pinot Noir grape had to be chosen with care and even so, sorting was necessary; for the Chardonnay, it had been worth waiting and the grapes were able to be picked with the right balance between maturity and quality.

The first impressions for this vintage are that the reds will reflect the fruit and its finesse and the whites will be rich in aroma, fresh and vivacious.

Nadine Gublin

News and events
  • We had the pleasure of visiting the factory SEB in Selongey  Friday, July 4.

    The day continued to atlier culinaire where we could enjoy some preparations.

     seb cocotte


Our actions
Déclaration des droits de la vigne, du vin et des vigneron(ne)s


Le Cercle «Femmes de vin» dont la présidente est Anne PARENT,  a présenté à Paris le 6 décembre,  dans le cadre du Grand Tasting,  la «Déclaration des droits de la vigne, du vin et du vigneron(ne)» 

Cette déclaration est à diffuser sur tout support sans modération !!