August – and what is known as « veraison « time – the period when the grapes start to mature.

At this stage on the Pinot noir vine it will be observed that some grapes have turned black; for the Chardonnay grape however, it is not so evident but when looked at in the sunlight the grape skin is clear through which the pulp can be seen.

Before this stage, grapes were steadily developing on the vine: when the metabolism changes , sugar is synthesized and accumulated in the grapes and at the same time through the combined effect of warmth, breaks down the acids.

All the work in the field throughout the year has to ensure that in the month of August, the vine is in sufficiently good condition to ripen the grapes for the forthcoming harvest, meaning the right yield potential, good green foliage, not too many weeds which use up water needed by the vine.

And then, something which no winegrower can master: the weather - so in August we live on hope!

We hope for sunshine, a little rain – but not too much – and of course, no storms!

As for every year, we hope for a successful harvest and a fine vintage in fact, see that history repeats itself as it has done for over 2000 years in Burgundy.

We also hope to perpetuate the Burgundy winemaking tradition and honour, by way of the different appellations , the climats – this unique mosaic of plots – just recently recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage and which have always been close to the heart of Burgundians.

We wish a fine summertime for all...... and back to work again for the grape harvest!


Stéphanie Courtault-Michelet

Aout 2015 veraison