Solidarity : the FevB way

One day, Agnes suggested I should go along to a FevB (Businesswomen in Burgundy wine) association meeting.
I took up her invitation and have been a member ever since!

At first I met women in business but now I regularly meet not only just businesswomen but....friends; in other words , the association is not only a corporation but a closely knit group with a real feeling of solidarity and friendship at each reunion..... where laughter also has its place.

But we do work during our meetings! We organize our participation in certain events such as the "Exception'elles" tasting session in the scope of the Grands jours de Bourgogne, the Vinexpo wine fair, etc. And we spread the word of us, businesswomen, to the world of wine.
In the main, we are a group o women where solidarity counts: if a member has a problem, whatever it may be, the FevB association is there to help.
I myself have had precisely this experience just recently and I am sincerely grateful to all.

Agnès Millet Jugnet

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Déclaration des droits de la vigne, du vin et des vigneron(ne)s


Le Cercle «Femmes de vin» dont la présidente est Anne PARENT,  a présenté à Paris le 6 décembre,  dans le cadre du Grand Tasting,  la «Déclaration des droits de la vigne, du vin et du vigneron(ne)» 

Cette déclaration est à diffuser sur tout support sans modération !!