June 2015.......the season is following its course and work in the field such as debudding and tying up is progressing well.
All is ready and waiting for the new 2015 vintage, just hoping that it will be up to the standard of 2005, its earlier counterpart!
Each time a cloud passes over we cross our fingers and pray that conditions will be better this year for the grape harvest in both quality and quantity.

In spite of our preoccupations for the vintage to come, duty calls and members of the FevB will be setting out on a tour of France to promote their wines: like the Folies Bergères a lively time is anticipated for the "Folies Vigneronnes" wine fair and then a more epicurean event for both food and wine tasting at the "39V" restaurant, finishing in Bordeaux for a week end June at "Vinexpo".

When this programme is completed there will still be work to be done: some in the vineyards and some bottling in the cellar....and if we are lucky, perhaps a few days holiday! The main thing is to be fully prepared for the new harvest trusting it will take place under the very best auspices.......We have to remain calm and collected!


Julie and Chloé