For a woman winegrower, to retire from a working life is rather like leaving loved ones : the vines, the cellar so familiar, the vats so often cleaned, the casks with their characteristic odor – but there is also pride and satisfaction in handing over the keys to ones’ children…

It’s a matter of having confidence in their ability even though it is hard not to think deep down, “I just hope they won’t do something silly”!

For myself it is to be like starting a second life: a new house, a different region and a new venture - a small business selling wine and which will allow me to stay in contact with my friends from the Femmes et Vins de Bourgogne association and promote their wines in my new world!

I have never considered retirement as a form of relief, nor a  dream  nor an obligation but as a an opportunity to pass on to my children, everything I have learnt and built up so that my estate, Domaine des Malandes, maintains its reputation for good  Chablis wine.

Good health to you all!

Lyne Marchive