A superb and stimulating General Meeting!

A superb and stimulating General Meeting!

The 10 businesswomen in wine associations have been integrated in a national federation known as the “Cercle des Femmes de Vin” established in 2009 by, among others, Marie Laurence Saladin (Rhone valley), Chantal Pégase (Beaujolais) and Anne Parent (everyone knows her region…!)

The statutes of the Cercle stipulate that a General Meeting should be held annually and it was agreed that this would be hosted by a different region every year.



This year, it was the turn of the members from the Languedoc-Roussillon region – and did they welcome us proudly! We started on the Friday evening at the Château Beaubois in the Gard and on Saturday, fine weather and a great event consisting in a tasting session  of wines from the 18 members of the Languedoc-Roussillon region – a full selection, varied and rich, giving justice to our lady hosts: strongwilled, emotional, beautiful, humorous…..as we like to be!

As there is no wine without the vine and the cellar, we strolled through the Montpeyrroux estate and then visited two domains, La reserve d’O and Jasse Castel…….epic!

On Sunday morning, down to business: the General Meeting for the president’s report, the treasurer’s statement – both unanimously approved – and several speeches.

Highlights of certain regional activities were described, for example: the work carried out by the Dames de Coeur (Queens of hearts association in the Loire region);, education and communication for the young by the SO Femmes (association in the South-west) ; solidarity between members (the case of Fabienne whose crop was entirely destroyed by hail and members donated a quantity of wine to the equivalent of 8000 bottles as compensation); charity work in Provence in the form of meals… etc.

This is the essence of businesswomen in wine: keep the profession alive, uphold our skill and solidarity among all – values which we share and which guide us in our activity within the Femmes et vins de Bourgogne (Businesswomen in Burgundy wine association).

 Sophie CINIER