As generations follow on.....

As generations follow on.....

Like so many things today even the manner wine is consumed is influenced by changes in the way of life; Burgundy is no exception and the upcoming generation of both young men and women winemakers is the source of a real festival for the tastebuds, such is the range and the quality of the red and white wines produced.

What a pleasure and what better way of expressing the skills of those men and women who dedicate their lives – with so much passion and talent - to cultivating this blessed land with its multitude of plots, or climats.

What a pleasure and what better way  to serve and satisfy and even surprise a customer: there is something for everybody and every budget, whatever the method of upbringing of the wine – that is the legacy of successive generations   to satisfy  our thirst (in moderation of course) and leave us gasping with enjoyment!

As generations follow on, the cellar is no longer big enough! Sebastien the sommelier is in a tizzy and the chef Pras is in a quandary to select the right wine to accompany his recipes! This may be a downside but what a formidable challenge in the search for gustatory sensation which also depends on vintage.

Forget for a moment warnings relating to alcohol and health and focus on what is so precious and what we derive from it and which keeps us in harmony with rural activity.

Lets try and see if the wine is good........and we can go on forever!

Frederic Lamy

the host of Lameloise, Chagny.