Our cause

UNESCO world heritage and the Burgundy « climats » or vineyards.

A chance to be listed in..................2015!

The case for the Burgundy "climats" was approved and submitted by France in 2012 and came under scrutiny by the UNESCO selection committee on 20 January 2012; in the meantime, however, 2 other sites were listed for their cultural and geological interest: the Chauvet caves and the volcanoes in Auvergne; we are still competing but the new rule in UNESCO is that only one site can be listed in a year.


We are expecting that the application for listing of the Burgundy "climats" will be resubmitted by France in 2014 for a final decision in July 2015.

Even though we are a little disappointed, the 4 years spent working on our candidacy have been beneficial: indeed, notwithstanding the superb winegrowing slopes, many have learnt about the real life in this rich wine producing district, its history and the values of this heritage.

For 2000 years Man and Nature, the skills developed and passed down from generation to generation, have all contributed to the evolution of this unique mosaic of vineyards and built up its reputation for excellence with, for example such plots as Clos du Roy, Les Favières, Le Chambertin, Les Beaumont, Clos de Bèze, Le Montrachet, Les Gouttes d'or – some named since medieval times.

The Burgundy wine land has never ceased to be a subject of amazement because of its survival through the ages and its immense variety of plots and production, testified by the attendances at such events as conferences, photographic exhibitions, concerts and tasting sessions.

The general public have shown considerable interest and enthusiasm in support of our objective with over 50000 persons on record including many from abroad.

We appeal to all to support our cause so that the Burgundy "climats", so unique in nature and universally renowned, may be listed and recognized as a world heritage site.

Marie Françoise AUDOIN




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