Marie-Françoise Audoin

Domaine Audoin
7 rue de la Boulotte
21160 Marsannay-la-Côte
Phone.: 03 80 52 34 24
Fax.: 03 80 58 74 34

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The estate in a few words

The family estate experienced a significant development in the 80’s with Charles and Marie-Françoise Audoin, both oenologists. Located in Marsannay-la-Côte, "the golden gate of Côte de Nuits", the estate’s range of wines offers a trip through Côte de Nuits , from Chenove en Clos du Roy, former estate of the Dukes of Burgundy, to Fixin and Gevrey-Chambertin, but also an escapade in Pommard, Côte de Beaune.

We had some outstanding moments of conviviality on the estate, for instance a touching encounter with Czech and Mexican musicians, cultures and traditions, a pure invitation to pleasure. And during my trips I always met wine enthusiasts and bon vivants thanks to a good wine.

We have the chance to make white wines from Aligoté or Chardonnay at the estate with the same passion. Rosé wines made from Pinot Noir that are world-renowned for their typicity, their elegance and their rich mouth, and red wines which get the unique taste of our different "terroirs", it is wonderful !

The wines

  • White & rosé wines
  • Bourgogne Aligoté - 2008
  • Marsannay White - 2008
  • Marsannay Au Champ Salomon - 2008
  • Marsannay Blush - 2009
  • Red wines
  • Marsannay Cuvée Marie Ragonneau - 2007
  • Marsannay Les Favières - 2006
  • Marsannay La Charme aux Prêtres - 2006
  • Marsannay Les Longeroies - 2006
  • Marsannay Clos de Jeu - 2007
  • Marsannay Clos du Roy - 2006
  • Marsannay Au Champ Salomon - 2006
  • FIXIN Le Rozier - 2006
  • Gevrey Chambertin - 2007
  • POMMARD En Mareau – 2006