FevB « ExceptionElles » events

For 3 months, from April to June 2013, the famous Lameloise restaurant in Chagny and the FevB (businesswomen in Burgundy wine) association have sealed a partnership, by which wines produced by the association's members will be promoted on the restaurant winelist.

As from 1 April, the sommelier, Hubert Gaillard, will suggest in turn each month, a selection of the wines from the domains represented by women members of the association.

The aim of this partnership event is to develop new combinations of taste taking into account the rich variety of Burgundy food and wine while respecting the traditional values both in form and vitality.

When skill is surpassed or forgotten for reasons of simplicity or emotion, it is then that talent becomes an art: rather like a subject for a photographer, this cuisine even though familiar, can reveal what had not been noticed before. Just as for the musician and his works, the painter and his colours or the sculptor and his style, so the restaurant chef, Eric Pras, is no apprentice sorcerer playing with alchemy, but a man who literally transforms his culinary expertise into magic. The selection of our wines offered to accompany his art, adds to this haute cuisine, both winemaking skill and the devotion involved which, in all, justify being well recognized and appreciated.

This partnership is a great opportunity and a tribute.

Let good taste predominate!

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