Le beau temps

I have just spent a whole afternoon checking each cask for any olfactory anomaly……….and all is fine for the 2016 vintage which did not start off too well; indeed, a superb month of September finally allowed the grapes to reach full maturity after the frost and hail in Spring, which hit most of us, and a rather unsettled Summer.

The grape harvest was good and although the quantity meant that the vats were rarely full, the quality was excellent.

Now it is a matter of patience and give time for this new vintage to develop.

At last a little breathing time! But no! … I was forgetting that in readiness for the 2017 annual Saint Vincent celebration in our pretty village of Mercurey, I must prepare some decorations, organize some cooking/tasting sessions and attend 3 meetings already planned for this week….

As it is too early to taste the 2016 vintage, in the meantime come and join us on 28 and 29 January 2017 and let us enjoy together the Saint Vincent festivities in Mercurey to celebrate the winegrowers patron saint.

We hope to see you soon.


Martine Protheau