Long live 2021!

Long live 2021!

I'm not unhappy to turn the page on 2020, a year which, as time went by, proved to be more and more complicated! Even if our association was able, from the beginning of the year, and thanks to the energy and positivity of all, to strengthen the bonds that unite us.
However, in this never-ending tunnel, our nerves have been and are still being put to the test! We have all gone through this year with varying degrees of difficulty, with ups and downs; but we are going through this crisis together and united.
Of course, we can't kiss each other to wish each other our best wishes yet, but nothing prevents us from thinking of the wonderful moments to come.

The year 2021 promises to be a complicated year, even if some bright spots are now visible. And it is realistic, but also confident and optimistic, that I approach this new year which will, I am sure, reserve us some very beautiful moments.
You can be sure that Femmes (et Vins) de Bourgogne will know, again and as always, how to share their passion with you and make you discover their beautiful bottles full of emotion...
Let's keep the energy together and remain patient, but also careful.

At this very special time, I simply and very sincerely wish you health, happiness and a bit of global calm for all of you and your loved ones.

Yours sincerely,
Nathalie Fèvre