Best wishes for the New Year.

Best wishes for the New Year.

The year 2022 is now behind us, with another round of Covid and other problems and unexpected events, and the New Year 2023 has started in a somewhat dismal and uncertain atmosphere.
Nevertheless, I would like to hope that this new year 2023 will be one of joy and peace.

I may be realistic but remain confident in the future if we stay united and strive together with all our energy to overcome difficult situations : the year 2023 will depend on what we make of it !
So, lets make the best of life and share every moment of happiness which in fact is the very essence of our association. It must be reminded that we, as business women in Burgundy wine, are dedicated to promoting and surprising you with wines full of emotion, representing our passion for winemaking ; you may rest assured ,you will not be disappointed.

I wish you therefore, most sincerely an excellent New Year with good health in particular and joyfulness for yourself, family and friends.

Cheers !... and long live 2023 !

Nathalie Fèvre